Reviews, Bullies, and Celeb writers

vacation of my dreams - the Bodelian Library

vacation of my dreams –
the Bodelian Library

I tend to admire from the background whenever I find a great author. When I was much younger I sent off for autographs from such writers as Andre Norton (I cut my baby teeth on her writing in the 70s), Piers Anthony, and Isaac Asimov. I was thrilled to get small notes and signatures jotted down on the index cards I sent along in the obligatory SASE.

These days, I can see commentary almost daily following a new generation of writers on Twitter or Facebook, or Goodreads, and their new works, short stories, novellas, or novels, appear almost magically on Amazon compared to the days when I waited FOREVER for a sequel to appear in the grocery store.

These are amazing days we live in. But just like us writer wannabes and fans thrill for an opportunity bask in the talents of others, there are some people out there, who seem to revel in the chance to tear folks down.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have read my fair share of shoddy work. Mostly usually stories that simply needed editing work, more time in character development, or structural issues, that could have been resolved with patient resolution. I have shared that opinion a time or two. Generally, however, my review is to withhold making a review at all. My reviews will be for books I have loved. And i want to praise those authors who have moved me to buy not only their first book, but also their second, third, and fourth.

I have read some nasty, mean spirited, ignorant, and bizarre reviews. I have also discovered that there are groups of people who seem to take joy in being cruel, spiteful, and downright hurtful to authors, and the more famous the author the better they like to do it.

This is simply sick and disgusting. Especially, in light of the fact that often these ‘reviewers” haven’t even read the book or story in question.

In any case, if you’re dealing with a bully reviewer check out this website for insights. STRGB

Hope this helps. Have a good evening.


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